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NO.1 A customer needs to manage contract, warranty, and HPE Care Pack Information for its server
and storage infrastructure from a single location. The customer also needs proactive expiration
notifications for these contracts.
Which HPE tool should the architect recommend?
A. HPE Smart Update Manager
B. HPE Insight Display
C. HPE System Management Homepage
D. HPE Insight Online
Answer: D

HPE0-S46 技術   HPE0-S46 関連題   

NO.2 HPE Power Advisor is being used to assist in architecting an HPE BladeSystem solution that
contains HPE Flexfabric interconnect modules.
Which information about the solution can the HPE Power Advisor provide? (Select two.)
A. estimated power consumption on HPE storage products
B. mismatch between interconnect modules and network adapter
C. SFP+ module power requirements
D. plan power usage at a system, rack and multi-rack level
E. UPS sizing based on defined run times
Answer: A,D

HPE0-S46 受験生   
Features of the HPE Power Advisor

NO.3 Which fabric benefit does Synergy have over BladeSystems?
A. eliminates the needfor a Top of Rack Switch
B. supports Fiber Channel over Ethernet
C. eliminates the need for Link Modules
D. provides redundant Top of Rack switches within one rack
Answer: A

HPE0-S46 方法   HPE0-S46 英語版   
The master module contains intelligent networking capabilities that extend connectivity to satellite
frames through Interconnect Link Modules. The result being elimination of top of rack switch need,
as any addition of new satellite frames are connected to the master module instead of ToR switch,
and substantially reduce cost. The reduction in components also simplifies fabric management at
scale while consuming fewer ports at the data center aggregation layer.

NO.4 A customer has a ProLiant DL based server solution.
The customer is experiencing high write latency with its virtual desktop infrastructure running on this
Which solution will increase the application performance and reduce the use of resources?
A. Upgrade memory to 2133 MHz DDR4
B. Migrate to PCIe Solid State Drives
C. Upgrade the current processor to the E5-4800 v5 processor
D. Add a PCIe Worload Accelerator
Answer: D

HPE0-S46 返金   HPE0-S46 前提   
The IO Accelerator is an advanced storage device that uses solid state storage technology directly on
the PCI bus, assuring high read and write data rates and accelerated application performance. The
associated application performance improvements will have a positive impact on business results and
the ability to make decisions quickly, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

HPのHPE0-S46 模擬モードに合格するのは難しいですが、合格できるのはあなたの能力を証明できるだけでなく、国際的な認可を得られます。HPのHPE0-S46 模擬モードの準備は重要です。我々Pass4Testの研究したHPのHPE0-S46 模擬モードの復習資料は科学的な方法であなたの圧力を減少します。

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あなたに安心にネットでHPのHPE2-T30 参考書勉強の資料を購入させるために、我々Pass4Testは国際の最大の安全的な支払システムPaypalと協力してあなたの支払の安全性を保障します。支払ってから、あなたは直ちにHPのHPE2-T30 参考書勉強の資料をダウンロードすることができ、その後の一年間でHPのHPE2-T30 参考書勉強が更新されたら、我々はあなたを通知します。Pass4Testを選ぶのは最高のサービスを選んだことです。


競争がますます激しいIT業種では、HPのHPE0-S46 模擬モードの認定は欠くことができない認証です。Pass4Testを選んだら、君が一回でHPのHPE0-S46 模擬モードに合格するのを保証します。もしPass4TestのHPのHPE0-S46 模擬モードを購入した後、学習教材は問題があれば、或いは試験に不合格になる場合は、私たちが全額返金することを保証いたします。